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The art of Fine Dining. This is Paolo Teverini’s home, acclaimed Chef and a pioneer in the ’90 of “Cucina Naturale”, where up to date cooking techniques meet the best fresh ingredients, combining in an unique wellness experience for our guests, while preserving both the look and tastes. Your wellness is what lies at the core of everything we offer in our Hotel. 
Our restaurants in Bagno di Romagna also have gluten free dishes. We also have specific catering services always signed and run by Chef Paolo Teverini.








Ristorante Paolo Teverini opened in Bagno di Romagna in 1986. Awarded for more than 30 consecutive years with the Michelin Star, it is still mentioned in all of the main wine and gastronomic guides of Italy

An emotional meal, where a sequence of flavors are matched by the willingness to draw happiness and curiosity from food. A modern space, where refined beauty isn’t affected by time or social changes.
A truly inspiring tasting experience on the edge between tradition and innovation.
In this Restaurant the “art of fine dining embrace the Italian traditions”. The excellence of fresh local ingredients are presented in menus showing off the best that our region has to offer.

A renovated space, young and friendly, with elegant details.
You will be tasting the best truffles, the famous cappelletti romagnoli, our passatelli, the best steaks and much more.
Our menues start from 18€, with our light lunch proposal for a quick and tasty lunch.
The Hotel Restaurant. Help yourself while discovering a rich buffet ranging from starters to desserts, fresh vegetables, local salami and a selection of cheeses. Everything is made under the attentive supervision of chef Teverini and his team.

Start the day off in a good mood with a vast selection of homemade treats. An unique breakfast. You will find our own homemade desserts, brioches and gourmet jams. Don’t miss Teverini’s Vov and his famous chocolate cream. You can always taste our smoked salmon, the best salami from our region and freshly baked breads.


Ranked among the top ten wine cellars in Italy, the Paolo Teverini’s one has more than 1300 labels of wines. Born from a continuous research combined with the Chef’s passionate involvement, it’s a must for any food and wine lover. A wide selection of wines from all over the world, with a particular attention to local Italian wine makers.

It is now possible to order by the glass, “Grandi Calici di Vino”, also those important labels than due to the price many times may just have been dreamt. It is now possible thanks to the recent adoption of a new technological machinery designed  at the MIT in Boston.


Paolo Teverini has been awarded for over 30 consecutive years with a Michelin star, and today still ranks among the best Restaurants in Italy. His cooking has always been led by love and passion, by the willingness to tell stories, emotions and passion through each plate. And this occurs still today, where the Chef and his staff run the Restaurants with the same goal. The result are traditional dishes where you will be amazed by innovative parings and touches. Starting well ahead of the others, already in the 90s he adopted cutting edge techniques, aimed to glorify the taste of each dish, but without sacrificing their nutritional properties.


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